A King’s Dream

King is a prolific and talented artist who has painted hundreds of pieces and has impacted the art community of North Carolina.  As an artist living with autism, King cannot live and work truly independently and is only able to continue his mission through the support of the community and his family. While paint flows easily from his brush, activities of daily living such as communicating with others and driving prove challenging.

A King’s Dream is the DBA (Doing Business As) account tied to Orange Elephant Art LLC, the entity used to manage and sell King’s paintings. Proceeds from King’s paintings and 100% of donations received will be connected to a Trust on behalf of King so that he may continue to live independently and continue his career as an artist for years to come.

King continues to inspire all around him through his career and serves as proof that life doesn’t have to be limited by disability.

Click here is your copy to support King and his life with Art. The King’s picture book is published by Susan W. Woodson.