Here is the note from the “outsiderartfair” Instagram post.  We are excited if King can go there to walk around the show.  Omicron variant has already moved the exhibit a month behind.



🙂 Take a moment for some ‘sweet love’ and learn about the fascinating practice of King Nobuyoshi Godwin (b. 1991) from Raleigh, North Carolina:



“Godwin began painting at the age of 22. His paintings often depict elements of the natural world—underwater creatures, birds, trees—juxtaposed with the synthetic vibrance of neon colors. Godwin has autism and a form of synesthesia, a condition in which the perception of one sensory experience triggers another. For Godwin and others like him, numerical synesthesia means that numbers are connected to feelings and experiential stories.



Godwin creates his work in three stages, �first laying down a bright base coat, and then painting the subject, usually an animal or plant. When he paints, Godwin uses a complex system of colors and numbers (purple and yellow are the happiest colors, while red is the least, for example) to express how he is feeling. Finally, Godwin uses Japanese paint markers to fill his canvas until every inch is covered with numbers and he has achieved a kaleidoscopic effect that is both beautiful and highly meaningful.”



Godwin will be presented by Austin’s very own SAGE Studio & Gallery at the 30th anniversary of the Outsider Art Fair New York. See more of Godwin’s work @sagestudioatx