Request A Commissioned Painting

Interested in something special? Allow King to create a custom painting of your choice!

Custom Paintings are available in sizes from 10×8″ to 72×60″.  (Shipping and handling are not included in the price.)  Please provide King the following details* and he will work his magic:

We will provide you with a quote on the price and the approximate date of completion.

We will ask for 30% to 50% of the down payment, and we will send the invoice online for King to commit to the project. We are happy to send images of King’s progress as he paints your custom artwork. Upon completion, we will ship the item to UPS Ground. The balance will be due upon delivery.

Shipping Fees

We are able to significantly reduce shipping and handling fees by using a special canvas that is capable of rolling up into a tube. Local pick up is also available for customers within the area.

Commission Time

Currently, King can work on your order from April 2022.

Artist Statement

Madeline asked about a dog painting with his son’s birthday in January-26th, of the year 2021.  She liked orange or/and blue colors to be included in the painting.  Here is what King painted! 

Title: “The dog is having a smiley day because it’s with the praying mantis and the leaf ’26’” 

The dog is having a smiley day because it’s with the praying mantis and the leaf ’26’

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